Fabric conveyor belt

NN and EP as carcass,diffierent cover rubber porperties make the belt used in heavy load and high speed transportation of materials , which is widely used in mines , metallurgy, architeture, ports, electricity, chemical industries etc etc.

Straigth warp fabric conveyor belt

This belt is suitable for large drop , high load and high speed occasions which widely used in mines, ports, electricity, etc etc.

Fabric pipe conveyor belt

Used in polluted by powder, granular materials etc .

Heat resistant ,high temperature fabric conveyor belt

Suitable for conveying high temperature solid materials like sintering ore, coke, cement clinker, etc. which is used in metallurgical, cement, chemical industry and so on.

Flame resistant fabric conveyor belt for general use

Used in aboveground coal washeries, powder plants, non coal underground mines.etc 

Oil resistant Fabric conveyor belt

Uitable for oily materials or environment. that exposure to a variety of working oil

Cold resistant fabric conveyor belt

Uitble for conveying materials outdoor in freezing area, cold starage etc etc.

Anti-tear resistant fabric conveyor belt

Suitable for hard and sharp material transportation, used in mines , ports, electricity, metallurgy, chemical industries etc etc,

Acid-alkaline resistand fabric conveyor belt

Suitable for chemical , chemical factory, paper mills , mining industries etc etc

Anti-adhesion fabric conveyor belt

Used in electricity, coal , ports, cement, chemical industries etc etc.

Profiled Fabric conveyor belt

suitable for conveying powder , granular, small lump of materials at no more than 40 , used in coalmines, electricity, chemical industries etc etc.

Sidewall Fabric conveyor belt

 Is widely used in port, gold treatment, mining, power, coal, foundry, building materials, grain, fertilizer and other fields.

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