Quality control

1, Quality is the life of business. we rely on it as our customer development foundation. we invest 2% total benifit on the lab, and quality test equmpment every year.

2, We cooperate with Hebei university department of physics on rubber research in order to improve our rubber  and adhesive lay porperties. also 2% total benifit every years.

3, On production examimation, we have a strict test and exam procedure like belows


Lab testing

Every batch of rubber entrance to the factory must be test first by the lab


Mixing center test

Every order, after mixing, we must test by lab according to our factory standard which is higher than the state standard at the same area. only qualified can go on to next step.


Vulcanize, test by lab

Every order, after valcanizing. we test by the diameter the customer give,


Finished product test by lab

The final examination test by lab according to the customer reqirement, and keep the test report file,


Final examination by quality team

The exam team must chest the packing, the belt outward appearance, etc etc , then the belt out of factory.

I mean every batch, every product , we do according to the procedure abovement. so, we achieve non quality complained company in China. 

In a word, quality is our life to survive, is the core foundation to develop our customer, so, we will consist on this idea no product will be out of our factory after our lab test. we promise this . 


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